Our Products and Services

Share Accounts

An investment tool that affords members part ownership of the Credit Union.

Deposit Accounts

A facility available to meet 'out off pocket' expenses. Attracts 2% interest per annum.

Debt Consolidation

Loans are offered to allow members the capacity to liquidate their current debts.

Personal Loans

Immediate attention to loan applications to cover emergency expenses and more...

Consumer Loans

Members can access low-cost loans to finance travel, Christmas shopping, auto repairs and more...

Christmas Shopping

Loans are given to qualified members to facilitate their shopping needs.

Financial Counselling

Free financial counselling with a trained in-house Financial Planner.

CAWECU Credit Union Cooperative Society Limited is a relatively young organization which has succeeded in building a relatively small, disciplined membership base interested in non-traditional services.

We understand and we care because we ourselves have had our portion of hassles in the past. We understand how unpredictable circumstances can confront you with respect to HEALTH, FOOD, TRAVEL, EDUCATION AND FINANCE. That is why we have built a special type of Credit Union which will take care of these unpredictable circumstances and which will allow you to focus on the big development investments which you may wish to make.....

Board of Directors

Kenneth Deoraj President
Keston Spencer Vice President
Cassandra Patrovani Secretary
Donna Greaves Assistant Secretary
Ilya Carrington Treasurer
Anthony De Four-Howard Director
Glendon Powell Director
Junior Bobb Director
Kendall Spencer Director
Odell Charles Director
Patricia Gregg-Earle Director
Garvin Harewood Director
Alicia Thorpe (1st Alternate) Director
Natalie Shepherd (2nd Alternate) Director

Credit Committee

Akeem Prout Chairman
Mark Saunders Vice Chairman
Sade Powell Secretary
Dillon Missirie Member
Adanna Francois Member
Aretha de Peza (1st Alternate) Member
Samuel Matthews (2nd Alternate) Member

Supervisory Committee

Akini Williams Chairman
Kwesi Tidd Vice Chairman
Keshia Reynold Secretary
Anthony Chandler (1st Alternate) Member
Derek Moore (2nd Alternate) Member