About Us

CAWECU is a relatively young organization which has succeeded in building a relatively small, disciplined membership base interested in non-traditional services.

We understand and we care because we ourselves have had our portion of hassles in the past. We understand how unpredictable circumstances can confront you with respect to HEALTH, FOOD, TRAVEL, EDUCATION AND FINANCE. That is why we have built a special type of Credit Union which will take care of these unpredictable circumstances and which will allow you to focus on the big development investments which you may wish to make.

For those of our members who already enjoy our package of services, please take the time to tell us what else you would like us to do for you. For those of you who are not members, join now and get to know our staff personally and allow us to take the hassle out of your life.

Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Ms. Patricia Gregg-Earle President
Mr. Garvin HarewoodVice President
Ms. Camille Cova Secretary
Mrs. Judy RamcharanAssistant Secretary
Mr. Kendall SpencerTreasurer/General Manager
Mr. Robert CummingsMember
Mr. Junior BobbMember
Mr. Chris Caton SamlalMember
Mr. Christoper Holder Jnr.Member
Mr. Keston Spencer Member
Mr. Ilya CarringtonMember
Mrs. Karlene BaptisteMember

Credit Committee

Mr. Kawal BalkissoonChairman
Halson RamnathSecretary
Dennis Gibbs Member

Supervisory Committee

Mrs. Joanne Humphrey Chairman
Natalie ShephardSecretary
Martin St. JohnMember